Other Interests


I have written a number of different things over the years and some are listed below to answer the question “Are you the Mike Lewis that…?”

I play Tenor Saxophone in an occasional covers band “The Blues Brothers and Sisters” and I also play Miniature Wargames as a hobby and run Black Hat Miniatures – a small wargames company .


RedFox Issue 1-4
Harrier Comics 1986 (winner of Eagle award fro Best New British Comic)

Non Fiction

Writing Adventure Games on the Amstrad CPC-464
Melbourne House 1986

The Vanishing Conjuror
Games Workshop / Chaosium 1986
Call of Cthulhu Adventure Module

Various Articles and a fanzine column
White Dwarf / Imagine 1983-1985

DragonLords 1-22
Roleplaying Games Fanzine 1980-1984

Computer Games

Melbourne House 1986

Melbourne House 1987

Mystery of Arkham Manor
Melbourne House 1988

Halo Jones
Piranha 1988 (unpublished)

The Acrobat
Rainbird 1990 (Unpublished)


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