Changers’ Summer
YA Science Fiction Novel June 2011

Short Stories

Taking Flight
Paradoxical Pets  (forthcoming)

Starward Tales II  (2017)

The Case of the Overdressed Man
Andromeda Spaceways #28 December 2006
(Reprinted in the Best of ASIM #2)

First Through the Post
On Spec Winter 2003

The Smell of Magic
Realms of Fantasy August 2004
(Honourable Mention YBFH 2005)

Waiting for an Angel

Electric Velocipede #5, August 2003

Alyssa and the Robin
Scheherezade #26 March 2004

Cooper’s Creek
The Mammoth Book of Tales from the Road / On the Road (Grafton Carr / Constable Robinson)

Reprinted in Upside Down, a Swedish English Language textbook
Reprinted in Echoes 6, a Swedish English Language textbook
Reprinted in Kindle All-Stars Anthology:  Resistance Front

Waiting for an Angel
Jackhammer January 2001

Jack and Marilyn
Jackhammer May 1998

A Clean Slate

Another 100 NZ Short Short Stories (Tandem Press)


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