About Me

I am Mike Lewis, an occasional writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I run Black Hat Miniatures, a Wargaming Figures company as my main job.

Also I write!

I used to write a lot when I was a teenager and into my early twenties. I wrote for fanzines and professional games magazines. I wrote comic scripts and reviews. Then I started writing computer games and I fell out of the habit.

Once the games stopped I went into hotel software and contracting and that took up all my time. I only rediscovered writing whilst in New Zealand where I took an evening class in creative writing at the end of 1997.

I have been writing SF and fantasy short stories with the intention of being published since January 1998. It has been a period with bursts of activity and lulls where my attention has been diverted into other things, but I always come back to writing.

I attended the Clarion East Writers’ Workshop at MSU in June/July 2002. That experience was life-changing and intense. I wrote 13 short stories in six weeks and that experience made me even more determined to succeed as a writer.

Due to illness (ME/CFS) contracted in 2004 I did not write a huge amount over a period of a decade until recovering from ME in 2015 (through the Lightning Process).

I have been very busy with work and other commitments but sold my Toy Soldier business in October 2021 and have started to write more and develop some novels during 2022.

I attended the Milford Writing retreat in May 2022 (and wrote 57,000 words during the week there!) and finally made it to a Milford Workshop week on September 2022 after a break of 8 years.

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